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lounge FM (psychedelic vibes)

March 19 @ 10:00 PM

“The Winnipeg band cruise through their 11 tracks on the back of billowing steam. The psychedelic vibes are strong here – it’s like the bath water has been spiked with a rainbow bath bomb – as the songs whirl themselves into a lethargic dream-like swirl.” – Grayowl Point

“Love Will Let You Down was released March 30th and there is nothing bad that Impose can say about it. Listen to simply reminisce and relax to let go. Lounge FM will set the mood for you comfortably with its jazzy late night tales of love and beauty. The soul put into this album is inimitable.” – Impose Magazine, Brooklyn, NY.

In the “Lounge”, smoke swirls around in an infusion of Jazz, R&B into a euphoric glass of pop. A Sci-Fi feeling, like floating into space, dreaming of a lost love, carefully placed back into a reality. It was all a dream.

Each member brings their own vibe to the table. Soft, inviting vocals on top of some dreamy, Connan Mockasin-like, rhythm guitars, mixed with poppy, yet psychedelic at times, leadguitar. Smooth, swanky keys, organs, and moog compliment the adventerous bass lines and jazzy beats. Reminiscent of Winnipeg’s not forgotten Remy Shand.


March 19
10:00 PM


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