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► ► ► (ANNULÉ) – Drawn and Plastered

April 29 @ 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Taking the concept of drink and draw to the next level since 2011, Drawn and Plastered was a gathering held at 18+ locations featuring live models, theatrics, and so much more!


Creating an inspirational environment, Drawn and Plastered fostered networking between artists, resulting in a strong community that promoted cooperation rather than competition.


In 2019 the event took a turn away from, well, events. Re-forming itself as a collective, this group of artists has plans to work together monthly and come together to create gallery shows and so much more!


Drawn and Plastered was created by Holly Halftone in 2011, in Winnipeg Manitoba. With the assistance of first co-owner Meg Bergeron the two got it off the ground in an explosive debut with the theme “Victorian Asylum” inspired by poet and musician Emilie Autumn and helped along with Meg’s fabulous collection of corsetry.

Halftone and Bergeron hosted 12 events including Winnipeg’s first Rockabilly festival, and superhero themed panel-style events at the Central Canada Comic Con.

The event then made its traveling debut at Toronto’s Fan Expo with a different theme every day: Retro Horror, HR Giger, Harajuku, and Heroes+Villains.

Following Fan Expo, new co-owner Samantha Wiebe was welcomed in and shortly after, veteran Drawn model AJ Shymkiw joined as event manager. Halftone, Wiebe, and Shymkiw created 6 events that were much larger scale than previous shows.

This included the Mysterious Murder of Jazz Baby McGee – a 1920s murder mystery with pre-filmed model interviews for guests to try their hand at discovering who the killer was, as well as a live burlesque performance, 6-piece jazz band, and more theatrics than ever!

In 2015, Holly moved to Montreal and began plans to relaunch Drawn and Plastered to a new, larger audience. The show put on three small events to test the waters with new co-owner Rachel Goguen. Goguen then made the decision to focus on her own design career, and Vee Bee was welcomed in as her replacement in 2018. In 2019 Vee chose to pursue her own professional career.

Now under the direction of Halftone solely, she aims to take what she learned through her work with 70+ models and a multitude of designers, videographers, hair and makeup artists, amateur and professional artists, burlesque performers, fire dancers, musicians, and more, to create a unique collective of artists who will learn and grow together.




When I was 18 years old, I went to a modelling agency’s talent hunt. I had done a few creative photo shoots and realized I was good at it and thought that this would be the next step to take.

Boy was I wrong.


Returning home feeling more self-conscious than I ever had in my entire life because I was not the skinny blank canvas they were looking for, I stopped myself to ask – “Why do I care?”

Did I really just want to be the mannequin for other peoples’ creations with no personality of my own? Not at all. I wanted my modeling to be an extension of my creativity, to truly make something that in all aspects was artistic and inspirational.

If you can relate to this, Drawn and Plastered is the home for you.


Raised in the comic industry by two artist parents, I took the stories I had been regaled with of artists gathering at bars after hours for “drink and draw” events, I ran with the concept. I took the romanticism of artists in smokey dance halls drawing and writing with their muses and exploded it. Why not add themes? Theatrics? Why not promote everyone who attends? Why not see how creative we can get in every aspect of the show?


With these thoughts in mind the event had a great 7 years’ run through Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal – but now it’s time to get back to basics.


As an artist it can be difficult to really get your work noticed, and at Drawn and Plastered we do our best to provide you with that opportunity – as an event and as a collective. Not only can you get your work showcased through social media, as the collective grows together we aim to have gallery shows, and so much more.


Drawn and Plastered is unique because it helps artists be amazing, no matter what their art is, no matter what level they’re at. Drawn is not arrogant or aloof in what it does. It is a community that supports others. It recognizes that we all need each other to exist, and for this reason we care about each other and our successes. This community? It’s also just a little crazy! In that way Drawn is a real family.

Won’t you join us?



April 29
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM


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